Live Edge Bench

One of the pieces that I will add to my 2017 Show Inventory will be a "live edge" bench, in walnut. This past September, I was at one of the very best places to purchase lumber - Logs to Lumber - in Invergrove Heights, MN  Brian always has top quality lumber! While shopping for some cherry, I decided to pick up a live edge plank, which I have now begun to shape, from rough bark to a "coin stacked" look, with arced ends.  The legs will be a "double-shadow" design.

This week, I finished the walnut bench (30 December 2016).  The design includes "double shadow" legs, a "stacked coins" live edge, and contrasting sapwood and heartwood.

PC300009 1.59.44 PM.jpg

In this image, one can see the "stacked coins" design element.  I am drawn into the beauty of the bench top, particularly by the nature of Nature's design, found in the subtle linear movement within the bark.

Part of the drama of the piece comes from the element of contrast - sapwood next to heartwood, next to the live edge, which is imitated in the legs - heartwood in the center, sapwood at the edges.  In all of art, we tend to become more interested when contrast is evidenced in both subtle and dramatic ways.