Small (important) Projects

As a furniture designer and builder, sometimes it is tempting to become "captured" by designs that are unique, new, or adventuresome, and to not pursue more standard smaller/important projects, which are (and should always be) equally important. Recently, it was my honor and privilege to build two such "smaller and important" projects for former students.

The first was a frame, given as a wedding gift from the bride to her parents, to honor her love for them. Upon hearing the "why" of the gift, I was captured by the privilege offered to me to make this gift!  The bride and I spoke about the many options available to her in terms of size, wood type and color, and of course, design.

In the end, she chose one of my favorite combinations - cherry and hard maple.  The collaborative attitudes of these two domestic lumbers toward each other is both gentle and cogent - I love it!  Thank you, Caroline!

Caroline's Frame.jpg

Another smaller/important project involved a gift, to be presented by a former student to her sister, on the occasion of the sister's wedding.  It was to be a box for special items, the top of which needed to "house" a needle work piece, which the client had made for her sister.  The client had seen examples of my work on FB, so based upon that, she asked if the box could be built from maple burl and padauk.  I sent her photos of the process throughout, which allowed her to offer feedback. (I like that kind of "collaboration.")  Thank you, Michelle!  

Michelle's gift.jpg
Michelle's gift2.jpg