Ginkgo II

As I have continued to explore the world of wood/furniture sculpting, I decided to design a second ginkgo leaf (in cherry), but with a bit more visual "movement."  This one is not quite as broad as the first, and and "leans" slightly to the right (note more curl on the left side of the leaf toward the right). Then too, the leaf "ripples" or "waves" are more prominent to the right side.  I chose a single plank of cherry for this piece, which has some lovely flecking contrasts.  While there are folks do not care for flecking, I think it adds great beauty and character.

Many ginkgo leaves - both in nature and in art - are quite broad.  Some, however, have a more oval or round shape, as is the case with Gingko II.

These photos show the piece shaped and sanded to #100 grit.  The sanding will continue through grits #120, #150, #180, #220, #400, #800, #1200, #1500, and #2000.  This will be followed by 9-12 coats of tung oil.  Finally, the leaf will be mounted upon a background of ebonized poplar.

More to come . . .