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Saint Peter, Minnesota


More Details About Commissioning . . .

One of the most rewarding and joyful experiences as an artist is when I am asked to create a special piece for one person or a group of people.  The process begins when someone becomes aware of my work, and reaches out to me about designing and creating a piece of furniture, or in some cases, multiple pieces.

What You Can Expect From Me

First, it is important to know that I view all commissioning as a collaborative process.  I will be a good listener as you discuss with me your concept and ideas about the proposed piece.  Before we finish an agreement to begin a project, I will sketch the project either on paper or in digital form, and offer you an opportunity to offer feedback about what you see. I will also provide a written estimate of a fair price, which will include a detailed description of the project.  I also promise to do excellent work, to not rush, and to provide timely updates as the work proceeds as appropriate.

What I Need From You

While I view all commissioning as collaborative, I ask that within the domain of your ideas and desires for the piece, that you give me artistic control.  In the end, that is why people hire artists to create art.  Finally, I always include the narrative below as a principled agreement as part of the printed estimate.

The Commissioning Process (included with each client’s estimate)

Each commission is a collaborative endeavor between the client and the artist.  After thoughtful consideration of the numerous and important elements involved (design, dimensions, wood choice, finish, and subtleties of artistic creation), you choose to invest in my work toward creating a piece of art furniture for you, it is understood that the purchase agreement will be completed.  All sales of commissioned pieces are final. I ask for 50% of the total estimate at the point I begin to build the project, and the final 50% upon completion of the piece.


When the commissioned piece has been completed, the delivery options include:  picking up the piece at my shop, arranging for me to deliver it to your home or other location, and shipping the piece to you.  I have previous arranged for shipment to both coasts with excellent results!